Organic Collective - Box Extras

STEP 1 Which organic seasonal box is for you?

Order from our Online Shop - Organic seasonal boxes delivered to your doorstep.

Add Extras from our Online Shop and create the box that suits your needs.

Top up your Basic Box with more variety and goodness!
Each addition is a selection of certified organic produce to the specified value and is selected according to seasonal and daily availability.

Can I add Groceries?

YES! Add any item from our Online Shop to the Shopping Cart and it will get delivered together with your Box. You can recieve any additional product as a one-off order or as a weekly item. A lot of our customers get their basic products with their weekly box and add other Extras as they need.

How to choose a box?

Ask yourself, how much would I spend weekly on organic fruit and veg? Select a box from above thatís similar to the current value of your fruit and vegetable shopping. Our recommendation: Consider the Big Box sizes if you're feeding a family or your diet consists mostly of fresh fruit and veg. Try the smaller boxes if you are a single person or a couple. The quantity of produce increases with the value of the box size. You can always call us to amend your order and discuss your requirements. We understand that everybody is different and we have many options to tailor a box to suit your needs. We are flexible. Select a Box now from our Online Shop.

What is in my Box?

A seasonal box generally contains:

  • A newsletter with information about the grower and their certification.
  • Weekly recipes and tips.
  • Your invoice.

Where does the produce come from? The certified organic, seasonal variety going into the boxes varies daily. This depends on what ís ready to be harvested from local farms and what we can purchased from the Wholesale Farmers Market each day. We buy local West Australian organic produce as a priority and are part of the Buy West - Eat Best programme.

Where does the Organic Collective Deliver?

STEP 2 Where do we deliver?

We deliver seasonal organic food to over 160 suburbs in the Perth Metro area including Fremantle. Some Perth Metro areas may have a waiting list for the organic seasonal box service. The delivery day depends on your suburb.

Near-by delivery:
Depending on Suburb.
Monday to Thursday
4.00 pm to 6.30 pm
$4.40 Delivery Fee applies
Further-away delivery: Depending on Suburb.
Tuesday to Friday
9.00 am to 3.00 pm
$ 8.80 Delivery Fee applies
Independent Courier deliveries outer Perth Metro:
Wednesday and Fridays 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
$ 9.90 Handling Fee applies

Pick ups available: Give us a call if you would like to arrange a pick up from our retail store in Hamilton Hill. $2.20 Handling Fee applies

Our organic retail shop is located at: 1 Greenslade Street, cnr Winterfold Rd. Hamilton Hill 6163 View MAP

Change your organic vegetable box in some way

STEP 3 Want to change your Box?

At any point just call us to discuss whatever you need! We are flexible.

  • Add Extra
  • Increase/decrease box size
  • Tell us your dislikes to avoid certain veg/fruit
  • Change your delivery schedule (weekly, fortnightly etc.)
  • Cancellations or skip delivery

How do you pay?

If you are ordering your first box online, payment is made through our online shop system. When you decide to go on a weekly service, our preferred payment method is:


STEP 4 Do you have questions?

We encourage you to call us anytime whether you have questions or feedback. The telephone is our single point of contact to ensure we can be flexible to manage your request on time. We are not able to attend to e-mails immediately. We do not accept communication via e-mail, fax, posted letters, smoke signal or courier pigeon. As a small business we find that speaking with you one to one is essential to the service of The Organic Collective.

Call us: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm 93315590 or leave a message
Or visit our Organic Retail Shop: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm , Thursdays 9am - 6.30pm
1 Greenslade Street (Cnr Winterfold Rd), Hamilton Hill
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